Prisoner of Conscience

Amnesty International Ireland is the country’s largest human rights organisation with over 15,000 members and supporters.

Amnesty International approached CoolMoss to design their “Prisoner of conscience” direct mail campaign. The subject matter of the campaign is a Chinese Prisoner of conscience and the current situation in general for Chinese prisoners of conscience.


The purpose of the mailing was to appeal for funds for the individuals at risk programme and asking people to return a solidarity card to Amnesty which will in turn will be sent on to Chen Zhenping.

The solidarity cards that are sent to Chen Zhenping will alert the Chinese governments that thousands of people around the world know who Chen is and are looking for her.

After discussing the validity of the imagery provided by Amnesty, we felt that static cliché photography wouldn't work or stay current over time as the campaign is run each year. Therefore we approached the client about going a different direction; about designing an identity for the campaign.

The idea of the Heart of Solidarity with the tagline “I Support You” started to take shape. Its was felt that the symbol of the heart was strongest when it came to solidarity, comapssion and love. Illustrated rose petals in the Amnesty colours were used as a symbol of resilience and hope for the prisioners of conscience.

As we'd hoped, the client loved the idea.  Having both the client and the creative team excited about this new direction the rest of the project flowed with ease.